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MQTT is publish-subscribe based messaging protocol used in IoT. It works on the top of TCP/IP protocol. Goal of MQTT is to provide protocol which is bandwidth-efficient and use little battery power. MQTT is a bidirectional protocol. in case if MQTT, end (field) devices send data to Topic and programs/software subscribed to that topic receive […]

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IoT Security – Cryptography in action

In our last blog, we discussed the basics of cryptography , cryptography is the building block of security in the digital world. Secure communication in public space is a challenge and cryptography is the solution. When we say public space, We mean the Internet which is a public network of networks. Achieving security on the […]

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Cryptography Basics

We hear the term ‘encryption’ many times in our daily lives. For example, we have read that whenever HTTPS is used, our information is encrypted before it is transmitted over the internet. We have also heard about disk encryption and phone encryption which is basically done to protect our personal information which is present in […]

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HTTPS , how secure are you?

HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure) is an advanced version on HTTP protocol that is used to ensure secure transmission and communication of the information between web browsers and web servers. The major difference between HTTP & HTTPS is that, unlike HTTP, HTTPS encrypts the information (by using strong and advanced algorithms) which it is being […]

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Playing with energy meter

Energy Meter is common nowadays, every household which has an electric connection in place must have an energy meter as measuring equipment. Billing can’t be done without measurement, and to measure the consumption, energy meters are required. Energy Meter data can be extracted and transmitted over the cloud, and there it gets stored for billing […]

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Wireless Protocols for IoT

Wireless communication is one of the basic requirements of IoT projects. No matter it’s Fleet Management or Home Automations all kinds of IoT implementation needs communication among devices and cloud setup, There are a number of wireless protocols, available that can be used in IoT projects RFID Bluethooth classic Bluethooth LE LoRa Zigbee NB-IoT WiFi […]

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Learn Ethical Hacking – Part I

How to start my journey in the field of cybersecurity? What is the first step of getting into ethical hacking? such questions come to the mind of every new entrant who has a desire to be a cybersecurity professional. Every field in the IT domain requires a certain set of skills, here when I say […]

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Securing IoT

There are many globally published reports that suggest that IoT deployments are mostly insecure. IoT which connects things to make them smart and keep them connected may become dangerous if works in a weird way. For example, just think if you get locked in your car because someone hacked your IoT device connected to the […]

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What is IoT?

Internet of Things (IoT) is a common term these days, let us understand what is IoT and why this is a hot technology trend from last few years. What is Things in Internet of Things  ? Things means any physical things may be mechanical or electric or anything else. Let us take an example of […]

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Ethical vs UnEthical hacking

How can hacking be Ethical?  This question is very obvious and genuine; the general perception of Hacking is something as unethical or illegal.  No matter what is perception, but hacking word does not always mean that, hack word is also used for something tricky, something smart, something which can be achieved by some tweak , but […]

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