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Ethical Hacking

Learn Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is an authorized practice performed to identify threat and vulnerabilities in a system(network/application/hardware). Primary objective of ethical hacking is to ensure the safety and security of the system from cyber criminals. It involves using multiple tools and technologies to penetrate into the system from every possible way in order to identify and close gaps so that system is protected from an intruder with malicious intent of compromising the system. Ethical Hacking Training will give you an insight into various authorized practices to identify threats in a system to ensure safety from the cyber criminals. By this course, you will learn

  • What is vulnerability assessment?
  • What is penetration testing?
  • Difference between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Different types of penetration testing
  • What are the prerequisites for conducting a pen test?
  • Penetration testing methodology
  • How to conduct a network and wireless pen test?
  • What is web application penetration testing?
  • Which all tools can be used to find and exploit the vulnerabilities in the web applications?
  • How to create the final report?
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