IoT Security – Cryptography in action

In our last blog, we discussed the basics of cryptography , cryptography is the building block of security in the digital world. Secure communication in public space is a challenge and cryptography is the solution. When we say public space, We mean the Internet which is a public network of networks. Achieving security on the Internet face same challenge as speaking loud enough in a crowded place with no possibility that anyone understands it other than the person for whom this voice intended for

Generally speaking, Security in IoT can’t be implemented separately but should be part of solution design. Here is this post, I will discuss secure data transmission in IoT solutions. In the general computing world, TLS/SSL protocols are used to secure data transmitted over TCP. For example, HTTPS, which is an HTTP over TLS/SSL protocol, and HTTP itself is TCP based

TLS is a protocol and is a practical implementation of the cryptography framework. TLS version 1.2 and version 1.3 are in use these days while TLS version 1.0 is fully outdated and 1.1 is not recommended. SSL which is the predecessor of TLS is obsolete and not in use anymore.

So the question is,

Do IoT solutions use TLS protocol for secure data transmission?

Yes, IoT solutions can use TLS latest version (1.2 or 1.3) for data transmission, there are other security protocols especially suited for IoT, but TLS is widely used and can be chosen for securing data transmitted over the network.

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