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IoT Security

IoT Security(IoT Security training Course)

Primary objective of IoT security is to secure internet of things devices and the infrastructure that they are connected to. Anything that is connected to internet is susceptible to cyber attacks so it becomes important to mitigate all the vulnerabilities and implement effective controls. IOT Security Training course will give you an insight into the security of IOT devices and its infrastructure to protect it from cyber attacks. By this course, you will learn

  • IoT networking protocols
  • System On Chip(SOC) hardware and microcontrollers
  • Firmware decoupling and security analysis
  • Cryptography in IoT
  • Basic security requirements
  • Firmware updates over the air(OTA) and security challenges
  • Lightweight IoT security protocols
  • Weaknesses of IoT communication protocols
  • Vulnerability assessment of IoT hardware setup
  • Firmware vulnerability assessment
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