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IoT fundamentals

IoT fundamentals

Internet of things(IoT) refers to the system of internet connected devices like sensors, software and computer devices that are capable of collecting and transmitting the data. These are the real world examples where IoT devices are being used - biometric scanners, smart home appliances, electricity meters, healthcare monitoring systems and amazon echo etc. IOT Fundamentals Training course will give you an insight into fundamentals of Internet of things where multiple connected devices are capable of transmiting data. By this course, you will learn

  • Fundamentals of Internet of things(IoT)
  • IoT networking protocols
  • Making of robots and drones
  • System On Chip(SOC) hardware and microcontrollers
  • Firmware development using micro Python and C
  • Transferring/Burning firmware on hardware
  • Sensors and their usage
  • Programming for sensors input and output
  • Radiowave, microwave, low energy bluetooth, LPWAN, NBIOT concepts and practicals
  • SCADA usage and working
  • IoT on cloud(AWS, Azure and GCP)
  • IoT & Big Data
  • IoT analytics
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